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Started in 2016, we operate a capital in the cryptocurrency market carrying out trades and mining. We make it available for free and transparently when we start a trade and the risk control for that operation. In this way, you get the chance to know which currency we are buying, where we plan to sell, and the main one, what percentage of our capital we are investing in each trade to follow our strict risk control.


We operate with currencies quoted in the BITCOIN pair through BINANCE.com.
We track several currencies looking to perform Swing TRADE, analyze the target market using the daily chart, and then use the 1 hour and/or 15-minute intraday chart to enter in the proper time.
This way, we operate less often and seek to earn more in each transaction, thus taking advantage of the uninterrupted flow of opportunities that the market offers us every day to increase our Bitcoin equity.
All of our buy and sell positions are monitored 24 hours a day and announced at the exact moment that we execute, with that all the members of the community can obtain the same result as ours.
Also, we provide where to position the STOP based on our strict risk control.


We advise you to invest only the percentage that we recommend for each trade, risk control is essential for solid and continuous performance. Operate rationally, professionally, and safely, always follow risk control.

We developed and adapted our own method of operating in the market, a method where we are not surprised, all our movements are duly calculated so that our loss never exceeds 1% per operation.
Thus, we invest only a percentage of our capital according to the stop in operation.
This percentage invested in each operation is disclosed next to the buy signal, follow this instruction to never risk more than 1% of your capital. As our recommendation fulfills its price objective, we keep increasing the stop and following the evolution of the currency until it reverses and reaches our stop, thus guaranteeing the highest possible profit for this operation.
Whenever there are changes with the value of the stop, you will be notified in real-time so that together with us, you can make the change.
Risk control is the key element in our recommendations, as it allows us to be able to invest in several currencies at the same time, without compromising our capital and acquiring the opportunity to profit from numerous currencies simultaneously



January 2016
Willy Group was created by professional traders so they could share their hours and thus cover the financial market 24 hours a day, all operating with the same rules, values, ​​and culture.
June 2017
With more than a year of foundation and a significant increase in Bitcoin prices, we have earmarked our earnings for the creation of a mining shed
September 2017
After expanding the group to the mining area together with the trade, we joined new members from WallStreetBets responsible for arbitration. Now our earnings were divided into trade, mining, and arbitration.
December 2018
Second mining shed inaugurated.
January 2020
We decided to start a paid signal and the risk control service based on our real movement
March 2021
After the negative repercussions of people losing capital in illegal pumping, we decided to stop monetizing our signal services and expand them to the global public for free, thus creating a large community of traders.
May 2021
The creation of the Willy Ecosystem began;


Here we provide the percentage profit for each month of the present year.

At the end of each month, we make profitability, performance, amount of signals, amount of signals with loss, and the profit available through the communication channels,

  • Janeiro : 8,63%

  • Fevereiro : 12,07%

  • Março : 9,38%

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